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Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers.


Maximum Protection, Maximum Mobility.


The TAG ALT II 710 Shoulder Pad is a lightweight, low-profile shoulder pad featuring Aegis Antimicrobial mesh lining treatment, HoneyComb TPU, and a clear polycarbonate epaulet. These pads offer maximum protection, mobility and comfort for on-field performance.



  • Product Features

    -New honeycomb technology. 4% lighter than our old ALT pad. This technology comes from the shoe industry for a lightweight and high energy absorption material, that also provides durability over a long period of time. Our tests show the unique energy redirection property of honeycomb absorbs 19% more energy when compared to conventional energy absorbing foams, such as EVA foam.
    -20% lighter than most pads.
    -High energy absorption, durability, comfort and flexibility.
    -New clavicle build up system. Our two layer system using XP foam and EVA foam is designed to absorb and transfer energy from impact around the pad for the most protective system for the player. Our tests show that 25% less energy will transfer to the player compared to our old ALT design.
    -Our new epaulet, made from clear polycarbonate material, is one of the strongest in the industry. With this feature the energy is transferred around the entire epaulet, therefore moving the energy over the entire surface area and away from the player. This will greatly reduce the chance of shoulder energy.
    -Velcro removable deltoid pads.
    -Easy fit swivel front and back closure system.
    -1 ” belt and buckle hook-up system. 
    -Stainless steel hardware.
    -Aegis Antimicrobial mesh lining treatment is a revolutionary bonded anti-microbial technology developed by DOW chemical. This protection controls odor, staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. 
    -Low profile.

    -Front Load Machine Washable.

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